As A Woman

I saw this the other day and it is probably the truest statement I have ever come across. When I was younger, I’m sure that 40’s seemed ancient. However, the way my grandmother and mom have carried themselves through the years, getting older was never a fear of mine.

I have never been one to be concerned with getting older. The grays, the wrinkles, the everything that comes with it. I have earned every single one of those gray hairs. All the laugh and worry lines and especially those WTF lines.

I enjoy the calmness that comes with getting older. Trivial things don’t matter anymore. I am who I am and there is nothing to apologize for. Drama is irrelevant. I have no time for things or people that create it and I have no problem removing those things from my life. In my 20’s, I would have second guessed myself about that.

It has become easier to set boundaries and stick to them. I have a somewhat chaotic routine that I love. I have friends that really are friends. I have a unrequited love for being at home but also a unrelenting desire to go on adventures. (Just not too much of an adventure).

As the pic above states: I love this shit so much. We we are all younger and looking forward to being an adult? This is what we are looking forward to. This amazing unapologetic realness.

Why Wouldn’t You?

How could you not?
If something has really
Made a difference for you,
How could you not want to help
someone make a difference for themselves?
That’s why I continue to share.
That’s why I continue to post.
Someone out there somewhere is struggling.
Struggling with the same things I struggled with for so long.
Someone out there is tired all the time.
Stuck on the same corner of the couch.
Someone out there hurts too much.
Someone has headaches all day every day.
Someone needs more energy.
Someone out there needs the same help I did.
Someone out there needs to find what I found.
The same nudge.
The same push.