Mind Reader?

Mom/Wife rant of the day!

How many of us eat, sleep, drink, dream…literally breath our family on a daily basis. Every moment, every thought process, every decision is based on them. Whether it’s if you wash that load of laundry or what you buy at the grocery store. Now, with that same thought, how many of our families do that same thing for us? Or has it become a scenario where all that you do is now expected and God forbid you swerve off course.

Have you actually sat down and told them what you need? What will help you? What will make things easier for you? Or do you just expect them to know that the clean clothes in the laundry basket need to be put away cuz you didn’t have time? Or the trash needs to go out cuz it’s overflowing? For most of us it seems like a no brainer…for others, obviously, not so much.

Now, what if you have repeatedly told them what you need? Asked for help? Let them know what will make you happy and make your life easier but still get not much, if anything, in return. Or they seem to “get it” for a day or two…maybe a week or two, and then it goes back to normal. Frustrating to say the least.

It takes a village. It also takes more than just a mom, or husband, or kids to make a household run smoothly. However, many of us take it under our wing and try to do everything to make everyone else’s life easier, happy and then we get so overwhelmed that we can feel like there is no end to it. We can’t keep up. Some of us don’t have much of a choice and we do the very best we can.

When we finally decide to give ourselves a break, do something we want to do on our day off or realize that load of clothes will still be there tomorrow, I swear I think it throws the entire Universe off kilter. Dinner isn’t ready when it usually is, someone doesn’t have something to wear that they need for tomorrow. Then you feel guilty, cuz you single handedly messed up someone’s day by enjoying yours. (If you even get to enjoy it trying not to feel guilty the entire time). Why couldn’t they do the load of clothes? Already have dinner done? But yet, you come home and everyone is sitting around, doing what they want, waiting…for you. Guess what happens? You say nothing and you scramble to get done whatever needs to be done while, you guessed it, everyone sits around and waits.

So what do we do? We keep doing it. Frustrated, overwhelmed and not very happily. We do what we can to try and keep some kind of peace even if it means we don’t get any.

Rant over. For now…maybe.

Today’s To Do List

My to do list every day, though sometimes I need a reminder! .
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Honor Yourself

How many times have you come out on the other side of a situation thinking to yourself, “If I had only…”. How long have you sat there and pondered the what ifs? What if I had said this? Done this? Reacted like this? You could sit and do this for hours, days, years…where does it get you? Nowhere.

We do the best we can with what we know right now. Life is a series of teachable moments. You learn from mistakes, situations and experiences so that you can do better the next time. That is how we grow. If you keep reliving the same situation over and over again, maybe you haven’t learned what you’re supposed to yet.

How many times have you had the same conversation over and over with your kids, husband, coworker, or friend without a different outcome? You feel like you’re beating your head against a brick wall. If they would just listen, right? Have you perhaps tried changing the way you react to a situation in hope of a different outcome? Sometimes this works…and sometimes your kids, husband, etc are just hard headed and don’t catch on.

I know that when I’m in a situation like this I can feel the stress compounding. The anxiety can be overwhelming and I have to shut it down. I have to take a breather. Could be a day, week or month. I have to step away or out of the situation and remove myself from it. Take a time out so to speak. Sometimes, not even think about it until my brain is ready to revisit it with a new outlook.

I don’t really have any words of wisdom when it comes to things like this. Only that you need to trust yourself. Trust your gut and instinct. Sometimes you have to make a change within yourself if you want to see change elsewhere.

Learn to adapt to new things. Trust that your journey is going to lead you to where you need to be, not necessarily where you want to be.

Evolve by learning from your mistakes, experiences, choices…take from them what you need to grow and leave the rest.

Become the best you that you can be. Be kind, thoughtful and fully aware in every situation. Make sure that your loved ones know that they are thought of, that you’re there for them, that they are loved. However, don’t over extend yourself so that you have nothing left for you.

Be present for your relationships. We all get distracted with everyday going ons that we forget about the ones that are right in front of us. Work, bills, daily chores…we get lost in it. When is the last time you took 5 minutes to really give someone your attention? When is the last time you did something for someone just to do it?

Including yourself…