Why Wouldn’t You?

How could you not?
If something has really
Made a difference for you,
How could you not want to help
someone make a difference for themselves?
That’s why I continue to share.
That’s why I continue to post.
Someone out there somewhere is struggling.
Struggling with the same things I struggled with for so long.
Someone out there is tired all the time.
Stuck on the same corner of the couch.
Someone out there hurts too much.
Someone has headaches all day every day.
Someone needs more energy.
Someone out there needs the same help I did.
Someone out there needs to find what I found.
The same nudge.
The same push.

Pink magic

Gettin it in!

Love my pink magic.

Love that it gives me sustainable energy.

Love that it has helped me with sooooo many things that I thought were just normal.




­čÄ»Headaches all the time?

­čÄ»Tired all the time?

­čÄ»Tummy troubles?

­čÄ»No energy?

­čÄ»Aches and pains all the time?


­čÄ»Sugar or caffeine cravings?

­čÄ»Weight issues?


­čÄ»Skin issues?

­čÄ»Sick all the time?




Just to name a few…

This was me.

Not anymore.

Never going back to that.