Why Wouldn’t You?

How could you not?
If something has really
Made a difference for you,
How could you not want to help
someone make a difference for themselves?
That’s why I continue to share.
That’s why I continue to post.
Someone out there somewhere is struggling.
Struggling with the same things I struggled with for so long.
Someone out there is tired all the time.
Stuck on the same corner of the couch.
Someone out there hurts too much.
Someone has headaches all day every day.
Someone needs more energy.
Someone out there needs the same help I did.
Someone out there needs to find what I found.
The same nudge.
The same push.

Happy October!

It is my most favorite time of year. I love when the weather starts getting cooler and the leaves begin to fall. The smell of the air and the change you can feel swirling all around you.

It’s Halloween time, pumpkin patch time, hoodie time and just all kinds of cool fall stuff to do.

Hello weekend!

Hello weekend!

It isn’t often that I get one but I am thankful for it when I do. Now, what to do? What does everybody that has a normal job do on the weekends?

When you work retail for as long as I have you accept the fact that all your days just kinda blur together. Your weekend could be a Tuesday and Wednesday, or you may just have to work 10 days in a row before you get 1 day off. Usually, the days I do get off consist of catching up on things around the house that I otherwise leave to the wayside until they get so overwhelming I have no idea where to start. Not to mention having a day off during the week affords me the luxury of being here alone for at least part of the day, which for a mom is very nice.

Now, figuring out what to do when I actually get a real weekend off is sometimes difficult and responsibilities typically trump going out and doing something “enjoyable”. Do I stay home and do the 10 loads of clothes that are starring at me? Or do I put blinders on, put a bra on and actually get dressed and go out? It is usually the chores that win.

So, as I think about what I could be doing now instead of writing this, everyone is starting to emerge from their comfy beds. For whatever reason, I am the only one that can’t seem to sleep in around here. So let the day begin and see what unfolds. Wonder how long before everyone starts getting on my nerves and I wish I was at work instead.

The beginning

So here I am, doing something I’ve always wanted to do. Start a blog. Sounds simple, but do I have any idea what I am doing?? Absolutely not, and that doesn’t just relate to blogging.

I have allowed myself to get away from some of the things I’ve loved and loved to do and today is the first step to getting back to some of those things that make me, well, me! I used to write all the time and I was actually good at it.

So…here’s to new starts, focusing on myself and the things I love…again.