No Idea…

Sometimes I really don’t have a clue. This just happens to be one of those times. It’s not just with one thing, it typically seems to be 100 things at once. Which is probably really only a couple things that I turn into 100 things. That makes me shut down, makes my brain shut down, and if it isn’t something mundane and thoughtless, I put it off.

Not that I don’t continue to stress over it, cuz I do. However, the decision making process is nowhere to be found. Usually cuz there are no easy answers. A mom wants her kids to be safe, happy and taken care of. A wife wants her husband to be happy, content and taken care of. Sometimes those two thing can clash and it makes for a very stressed out and emotional wife and mama.

This process can become stagnant if I let it. I will sit and think about it for minutes and hours on end. It actually can cause physical turmoil in me if I let it. That’s when I have to shut it down. Don’t ask me a question about it cuz I won’t have an answer. Better yet, don’t ask me a question about anything unless it’s something simple, like the weather.

There are pros, cons and consequences to every decision. That goes without saying and it is just the way life is. Weighing those out sometimes is impossible. There is not always a good or simple solution.

So, I will ponder. Think. Try. Until something comes to me. Something that will possibly make things easy for everyone involved. Including me.

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